JN Cayman Gives Back

JN Cayman Gives Back

This Christmas the staff at JN Cayman decided to embrace the true spirit of Christmas and give help to those who are less fortunate.

The staff became aware of a family in need who have fallen on very hard times as a direct result of job loss due to COVID-19. They learnt of this family’s struggle to find food and pay their utility bills and immediately decided to help.

In the week leading up to Christmas, a food hamper was placed in the office and staff members filled it with various non-perishable items and supermarket gift cards. Some persons also donated cash. From the cash collected, we were able to purchase a Christmas ham and other meats in addition to making a contribution towards the family’s water bill.

One member of the family (who did not wish to be identified) stood next to the non-perishables and meats while holding the grocery store gift cards.

The groceries and cash were donated to the family on the evening of December 23, and they were overjoyed and overwhelmed with gratitude. Although they did not wish to be publicly identified, they were so excited to know that they would be able to enjoy a nice Christmas dinner, and they are eagerly anticipating putting the grocery store gift cards to good use.

JN Cayman was proud to give back this Christmas and wished the family many blessings for the season and upcoming new year.

Photo Credits: Anya Rankin-Christian